High Definition Full Color LED Signs & Displays

Electronic Message Centers (EMC's) - outdoor LED signs - have grown in popularity in recent years as businesses have come to understand their tremendous advertising value.  Yet, many business owners and organizations don't consider the EMC sign for their location, convinced it would be too expensive or not right for them.

These hesitations are often misconceptions about outdoor LED signage.  In fact, LED signs are a great tool for increasing visibility in the community and boosting sales and foot traffic.

We're happy to help answer any questions you may have about our LED signs! Our team of professionals will work with you to ensure that every project is completed to your satisfaction. We take a great deal of pride in the service we provide, and we aren't happy until you're happy.

Things to understand BEFORE you make a decision to purchase.

1. The smaller the number of mm the better the quality.  A 10mm sign will allow 2" ledgible characters where as a 16 mm will not.  How the mm measurement works - measure how far between the R/G/B lights center to center to determine the mm measurement.  There is a very noticable difference between 10mm and 19mm.

2. Software is essential to get optium usability from your digital sign.  Will your potential sign provider give you the proper training and ongoing support to ensure you can get optium usage from your software?  Will your potential sign provider provide files for you to use, at no additonal cost, which would include your company logo? Does your potential sign provider offer remote software to utilize if necessary, in the event you are having difficulties with your software so help can occur quickly without the sign provider actually being onsite?

3. Every community has their own laws governing the usage of digital signage.  Does your potential sign provider explain to you what the laws are and how they work?

4. Does your potential sign provider install the sign themselves or contract an outside sign company for your install?  If an outside sign installer from your potential sign provider can complete the project quickly and possibly take shortcuts or take a longer install approache and install the sign without shortcuts, which do you think would be the path of choice?

5. SInce a near 100% chance exists that your sign will come from overseas, what type of warranty would you expect to get?  If your sign does fail for whatever reason, how long will it take your potential sign provider to make the necessary repairs to have you up and running right away?  Does your potential sign provider have an inventory of parts at their office or business to make repairs within a few days and not weeks, or will they have to rush order parts from over seas where it could take weeks?

6. Does expert and prompt service, training, new laptop, wireless connection and ongoing phone support cost additonal money with your potentital sign provider?

For answers to these questions please download our literature or request a hardcopy by clicking this link.

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